May 23rd, 2008

happy bubble fairy


Alright! Looks like tea was just delayed - I WILL be getting a third shipment in about 6 weeks.

Soap is also shipped, at least the first order's worth.

And Mercuralis has made me buy something new to play with, curse her anyway.

Got most of my print order out this morning (and delivered - client was happy and knew the deadline would be hard to meet). Labels are in, and see first line for good news about tea - YAY!!!

Got a few additional orders out, and managed to print most of my invoices half-sized for some stupid reason. (The logic of my laser printer is sometimes a little baffling. Why can't it just sense the damn paper size?!) Got several others half-finished, and just ran out of time.

Tonight, we'll be felling some trees to get ready for the work this weekend. Our yurt slave may be unavailable for some of the time, which means I may get to run the equipment for that time. Should be fun. Hope I don't accidentally swing the bucket into the house...

ETA: In other, even more boring, news, I have been working on filling the Torn World wiki, and enjoying myself enormously. It's fun defining societies and cultures, and I have ironed out a number of 'well, how the hell does THAT work?' problems that I've run into through the years. Physics, we love ya, but we're going to be breaking all the rules.