May 18th, 2008



I didn't realize that the logic for the EMG-Zine archives was slightly garbled. It worked great the first few years, but year three apparently gave it some fits and it would think that articles in particular months of particular years were still future articles and you weren't allowed to read them yet. Woops. I tried to figure out why it was thinking such a ridiculous thing for a little while, but it's Sunday and my brain is tired from all this relaxation, so it was easiest just to bypass the access permissions and open everything up non-registered-wise. It may return to the usual archives for registered members only, but for now, it's a free-for-all.

If I were very good, I would go fill orders for a while, or work on labels, or something worklike, but I'm taking a weekend. So, there. I think the remainder of my weekend may involve a sketchbook and some StarGate. Already, it has involved hanging a cabinet above the washer, which makes a WONDERFUL difference in our kitchen, and going for a 2 or 3 mile walk in the woods with husband and dog.

Alas, I got the quantities available for the tea (note to self, verify hold order on Monday!) and it's grim. Only 25 of the Shoggoth and Kachina, 50 of the Breakfast Blend, and 100 of the Odd Fish. Merp!