May 11th, 2008


I ought to be a poster child for priority mail services...

I don't know if you can tell, but the back seat is also full. And I took packages in on Thursday and Friday, too. I have been out of bubble wrap for two days, and used the last of my shredding pack towards the end of today, down to newspaper and print outs of the Orphan Works research.

I have two orders still to go out - plus 4 that haven't cleared yet and two that I was down to dented tins on. (So I have to email and verify that they still want them, and maybe offer a buck or two off.) Mostly Ursula's teas, of course, but also some calendars, ACEO papers, 2 t-shirts and 12 totes, some magnets, a button, some prints, some print services (have to get more endcaps for tubes so I can mail one more!!), a few coloring books and some soaps. I wanted to get everything on my desk out before the shipping rates went up.

Whirlwind of a week since Wednesday!

~Set up new artists
~Post weekly announcement
~Stretch last painting and deliver
~Mail contracts (3)
~Email artwork (1)
~Work, 12-5 - slog, slog, slog
~I/M and register car.

This week
~Finish the Morrigan by Wednesday. (laughs weakly)
~Get through 25 submissions. (5 a day!)

I had more interesting things to write about earlier, but I'm all tired out and they've abandoned me. Almost time for bed!