May 7th, 2008

wrench in the works

I need more motivation...

Don't laugh! I do!

I'm spending too much time screwing off and... dang it, what's that term? flikking? Doing stuff that doesn't need to be done because I don't want to do what does need to be done. Bad Ellen. Get it together.

Now, please.

I only want to save the world

I am being very firm with myself. I will not waste more frustration on the Orphan Works issue. No, my article will not get much press and very few people will post links to it, because it is not FULL OF CAPS and it doesn't foretell doom. It's also accurate. How dull. If I feel like sharpening a spork, I shall instead work on the Fair Use article - much more useful.

Come on, Mr UPS guy! Where's my tea?? Orders of this size and relative risk are always nail-biting.