May 5th, 2008



Should not have lifted the cabinet yesterday.

Back spasms != love.

I'm okay, as long as I don't lift, run, sit, walk, stand, bend over or breathe.

wrench in the works

Why and Ow!

First, the why. WHY is my tea in Louisville KY?? It went from Indianapolis, EAST to Lexington KY, and has spent the last two days in Louisville (just to the WEST of Lexington). What is in Louisville that is vital to the delivery of my tea? Why is it hanging around in KENTUCKY?

And that leads us to OW OW OW OW OW OW.

No, not my back (I took drugs, it's down to muttering and I haven't had spasms since this morning). The postage rate hike. I'm curious to see the new BIG flat rate boxes, but the other priority hikes are right in the shorts. I'm probably going to have to totally adjust my shipping pricing throughout the store, and I haven't even LOOKED at the international rates yet. BAH. Stupid gas prices.

Speaking of gas prices, I talked to my boss and will probably move to a 2.5 day schedule so I'm driving in 3 days a week instead of 5. I think that will be good. I get more done in a full day that I seem to in two halfdays.

Also, some of the *cough* mysterious tampon related goods that I had ordered were not in stock, so there will be an even longer wait on those. (Though I may have some to play around with by next week. We'll see!)