April 18th, 2008


(no subject)

I'm on day two of a low-level migraine and it's starting to make me grumpy and depressed, as is my general lack of forward motion.

It's my own fault, of course. I've been slackerly the last few weeks, and in one of those discouraged, so less productive, so more discouraged, so less productive cycles. Other than artwork, I haven't accomplished a lot lately - and even that takes me SO LONG. The anthology creeps along on gimpy snail feet. I haven't touched the webpage improvements I wanted to have done by now. I can barely dredge up the energy to post at my forums, and they're languishing without me (*weeps for FP*). I feel anti-social and resentful, less patient than usual, and like too much of a doormat.

This may have something a lot to do with waking up to MORE SNOW this morning. I am heartily sick of snow.