March 31st, 2008


Happy Seward's Day!

It was a busy weekend. I decided not to vend at ArctiCon on Saturday in favor of getting two very large orders out the door. I did go in the evening to watch the Cold Fusion show. They rocked - Jennie and Liz did a fabulous Battlestar Galactica routine. Took down the house! On Sunday, I worked on some orders, and went to a Murder Mystery party. I was expecting it to be people I knew, but it turns out I only knew the hostess and her roommate a little, so it was a little more stressful on anti-social me than I was expecting. Still, a good time, and there was fondue, so who can complain.

Today I'm filling orders, getting ready for submission-taking tomorrow (eek!) and finishing up my bits of EMG-Zine.



EMG-Zine is ready to go for tomorrow, and submissions are open at the giftshop. Hooyeah!

Watched the nephews for a few hours tonight and got piles of orders out. My computer froze before I could print the last three mailing labels, but after this, I only have three more, mostly finished, and then I'm all caught up. Working full time tomorrow, and gaming in the evening.

Now, if I could just squeeze more ART in. Totally, utterly failed in my March goals.