March 27th, 2008

Are You Sure?

Outstanding owe-age?

Do I owe anyone anything at this point??

I'm feeling dangerously caught up on random commitments and promised things and commissions. (Not projects, no, definitely not caught up on projects. And not really caught up on emails, either...)

Have I promised art to anyone? Goody bags? Prizes? I've got a nagging feeling I missing something, and I want to make good, if that's the case.

Business Reminders (and ow!)

Some reminder type things!

April 1 is a pretty exciting day: it is the deadline for EMG-Zine May, our theme is 'trains.' Keep in mind that creative interpretation of the theme is encouraged and trains can be a verb, too. So far, no art has been submitted!

Additionally, submissions for the giftshop open up on April 1! Woot! Get your contracts in, if you haven't, because they will only be open for TWO MONTHS. http://e

In less fun news: OW. I fell on the driveway this afternoon on my way to work. Dropped the box I was carrying (the box did not survive, however the contents were all fine), and landed largely on my right wrist and hip. Nothing broken, but my whole right side sort of *hums* with that 'I'm gunna be bruised tomorrow' feeling.