March 18th, 2008


Home again

Vegas was a blast. We both got sick, which was naturally a bit of a drag, and holy bejeebuz that city is expensive and loud and gaudy, but it was still a very fun time and I'm glad we went and gladder to be home.

Behind, gotta get ready for work, pay some PA adoptions, and do a billion things. Jet lagged and the incredible quiet of my house is making my ears ring...

PS: Cirque du Soleil!!!
happy bubble fairy

As Much for Me as You...

The trip down was uneventful. Uneventful is good when flying. Eventful usually means rowdy kids, delayed flights, missed connections and lost baggage. Uneventful still means cramped airline seats, bad, overpriced meals and lugging overpacked bags through crowded security lines, but as these things go: not too painful.

The big flying lesson of this trip: the window seats in the emergency aisles have, by regulation, REALLY crappy seats. They have a few inches less padding so that the emergency door has necessary clearance. Don't book these seats. The extra legroom is nice, but take the aisle or middle, NOT the window. Also, always take the back row - the front row won't recline!

We stayed at Treasure Island, 27 floors up on a corner, with an awesome overhead view of the nightly pirate show. Fireworks, four times a night*, except when it was windy and the show was canceled.

Gambled a little and didn't lose our shirts; blackjack with a friendly dealer and a good table can be a lot of fun. Slots just eat your money!

Ate a lot of decadent food at very high prices and while I will be glad to have some good, simple home-cooking again, it was a definite treat. The steakhouse at the Luxor was my favorite. It totally felt like being served by the mob - great service, great food, and the best espresso I've had in America.

Shopping was a blast. About half of it was mock-shopping. "Who would pay THAT for THAT?!" Seriously, $1600 bags? UGLY $1600 bags?? I totally won the clearance rack gamble and came away with a gorgeous $140 silvery black cocktail dress for $9.98, and spent more than maybe I should have on the most awesome 40s style dress I've ever seen, got some cute shirts and a great skirt and got to wear makeup and my 3-inch heel black boots and have a generally good girly time.

I was sick enough to spend a whole day in the hotel mid-week, and felt generally crummy enough to not stay out as late as we would have liked, or see as much, but it was really nice to watch a hotel movie on their big screen and kick back with some snacks and drinks those nights, too.

Bourne Ultimatum was awesome, I Am Legend blew us away and Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium was just delightful.

I read some trashy novels - Northern Lights by Nora Roberts was particularly fun; the book itself wasn't bad, but the Alaskan errors made me laugh literally out loud in several places. No more trees before the Arctic Ocean, eh? And those trees there are hemlocks??? Where did she get that idea? Also... herds of moose? And who hunts for bear meat in April? Also read Death in Winter, which was 'eh' and Event, which was quite a lot of X-files-esque fun with some irritatingly spotty editing.

The weather alternated between beautiful and windy and chilly, but it was still a shock to come home and walk out into 0 degree weather. Brr!

Home again and wading through the hundred and sixty billion spams and catching up at various places. Still feel sick - mostly a thick cough and a bit tired (which could be jet-lag), but a lot better than I was.

What happened with you guys?!

*Okay, several dirty comments could be taken out of this, but I'm leaving them ALL alone and leaving that aspect of the vacation up to your imagination.