January 30th, 2008


:( RIP Patrick Roberts

I couldn't get worked up over Heath Ledger, but Patrick Roberts' death is a little closer to home; I met him, and worked with him briefly, and respected him, even if I didn't always flat-out agree with him. He handled himself professionally and did an excellent job organizing the Dragon*Con art show. He will be missed. Those are some big shoes to fill.

Needed: beta testers!

If you are available over the next day or so to be a guinea pig and enter some information in a webpage and log in and log out and try to view the information and have a working email, I'd love a little extra help finding bugs! Shouldn't be more than 10 minutes worth of work. Comment below and I'll send you to the site. It is, alas, very dry and technical and boring and has nothing to do with art, fantasy or writing. It has to do with septic systems. Wee. Compensation will be gratitude and... oh, how about a free ad in EMG-Zine Feb if you are one of the first five to volunteer. (It's good to be king.)

(Five slots filled, thanks guys!)