January 29th, 2008


I love my muse.

I love it when she sits on my shoulder and whispers story solutions at me. Everything is sort of falling into place with not one, but two, of my long-term stories. Little plot problems that have been stumbling stones for literally years have been completely turned on their heads, and revealed themselves as critical plot elements and framework for tales I'm just itching to write.

I've been writing at night - scrawling semi-legible story notes and scenes in a leatherbound raven-book that Jake got me before Christmas.

It's wonderful.

I'm also liking my new scanner - it's not the nice large A3 scanner that the Mustek was, but by far built much sturdier, scans better colors (so far), and will also handle slides and negatives. It's an Epson, so I already know that the customer service will be miles and miles better.

Art and coding to finish up today, and I think I'll get a StarGate Atlantis episode with my lunch. Horrah!