January 28th, 2008


Looking for a book title...

It's a 'children's' book that I remember checking out of the library month after month, by an author with an alliterative name (Katherine Kooper? Catherine Cadwell?) about a society of muggles (I think this was the term, though it may have been something close that has been corrupted by Harry Potter) who live perfectly harmonious lives in a valley and wear all gray. But there are a few outcasts who like bright colors and... um... poetry? and go to live by themselves and save the people from mysterious mushroom invaders. It was along time ago, the details are hazy. There were two books in the setting, though I vaguely recall that the first was much better.

But I loved that book and I'd like to find it again! Any ideas?

And, she's out!

Yup, I was voted out of LJIdol. This last entry was weak, and I couldn't afford 'weak.' I could write 100 words about why I deserve to get back in for a chance at being reinstated, but I think I'll let it go. I survived halfway, some of my entries did quite well, and it was a fun writing exercise, so I'm content to say 'I did something' and go off onto other projects. My ego is less bruised than I expected, and I can't say I mind having something off my plate.

This contentment is at least partly due to the fact that Laura is feeding me muse food by the bucketful and I'm gnawing my knuckles to get back into Torn World. Oh, SO shiny. And GLEE.

In scaly capitalistic news, I've got a bunch of super-cheap $12 portraits going up at Portrait Adoption, and I've marked down several of my older pieces. Many of these new ones would not normally be this cheap, and they'll go up (or back up) after the 1st, so get them while you can! (Some of them have the extra bonus of an offer to ink for just $12 more, too!)

Got a start on the anthology, made many totes, shipped many orders, coded some code, e-ed some e-mails, and am now at work wanting to draw. Or watch StarGate. Or something other than this...