January 27th, 2008


(no subject)

Things to do this week:

~Make totes - all but one done.
~Fill orders - done for the day.
~Scan artwork for Fred - emailed about status
~Finish email options on MS website
~Work at 1 most days, find out which days Heather will be up here such that I need to be in early.
~Finish transcribing issue 1 for Laura
~Finish Tell Me a Story #3
~Finish 'Puregrade (working title) for March issue of EMG-Zine
~Compile coloring books (3 + reprints of DFFH)
~EMG-Zine anthology for 2007
~Gaming Tues night
~Sat night Sci Fi - I'm on drinks
~Call insurance Co.
~Scan last few PA portraits
~More I've forgotten...

Other notes:

Am in a losing sort of position this week in LJ Idol: http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/108467.html

(A bad week to attempt something super short and off-beat - they sprang another community-only vote on us, and I have posted nothing further than entries to the community. In some ways, I won't mind not having this commitment, too, but 20 or so minutes a week was about the kind of writing prompt I wanted. I'll have to find another after I'm eliminated. Maybe something fiction-like or fantasy.)