January 20th, 2008



So, our mattress was about 6 inches thick at the edges - and about 4 inches thick in the center. It was Super Generic Brand, Extra Cheap Model, about 8 years old and supported on plywood on a cheap metal frame.

Now, our mattress is about 2 feet thick, with individually pocketed springs, and a Real box spring base.

The difference is INCREDIBLE.

My back actually does not hurt this morning. I cannot feel Jake get in and out of bed next to me. It was worth the hours and hours we spent at mattress stores yesterday and the money we were finally desperate enough to plunk down for the one in stock. Worth every second and every dollar.

Wow. I mean, really, wow.

Gearing up for some serious sales stuff at EMG tomorrow, and some work on a webpage due Tuesday. The lilypad is being stubborn, so it's going to take a little more work than I hoped to get the sale up. I did get 5 PA portraits done last night, and I got an express order out yesterday. FP is ready to start a contest tomorrow, and... the new front page design is not finished because I am slow and stupid with that stuff. Maybe by Feb 1.

HMM! Email and site appear to be down at the moment...