January 7th, 2008


Back to work with me...

ARGH. I have to work this afternoon again, and all day tomorrow, and Wed morning I fly to Anchorage for training on Thurs and Friday and won't be back until Saturday afternoon.

I have SOOOOO much to do, it's absolutely agonizing. I should be grateful the trip to Nenana was canceled.

I have rearranged my desk and gotten rid of one of my older computers and my darling, faithful Epson 1280. (As well as about 12 lbs of dust, fuzzies and cat fur.) Printer 1 is successfully installed on my new laptop, the sound system has been moved into a better position, the widescreen monitor elevated, the CRT relegated to the connex box, the dead scanner is holding a space for a not-dead scanner, and printer 2 is being stubborn and refuses to connect. Argh. But my desk space is INFINITELY more usable now, and I freed up some decent drawing space.

Additionally, I drew! I have art! Art I like! It's a minor miracle. But due to above dead-scanner issue, I can't show it to you until next week.

Artists - I am floundering through EMG pay as quick as I can, sorry for the delay. I'll be taking my laptop to Anchorage to work on it further, but don't know if I'll have Internet. Having to work all day tomorrow is a bit of a speedbump!

Love to all!