December 5th, 2007



Ugh! I went on vacation just in time to get a head cold. BLURGH. It did sort of put a dent in my Anchorage plans, but on the other hand, staying in a hotel is pretty nice on a cold - I got to sit in the steamroom several times, got chicken noodle soup via room service, and could watch mindless cable TV and take multiple naps.

I did also squeeze in some shopping, as we were right on 5th avenue, and I could wander down the street without expending too much energy when the cold pills were doing their work. Got a couple of people crossed or partially crossed off my Christmas-buying list, and bought myself a sweater at JC Penny's. (50% off! And so very me!) Made me wish I had more money earmarked for gifts, because I found several things just out of my price-range that folks would have liked. Le sigh.

In LJ buyout news... that was unexpected! "In soviet Russia, journal blogs you!"