November 26th, 2007

happy bubble fairy

4 day weekends are goooooood...

Had a LOVELY weekend and did next to nothing, which was exactly what I needed. Ate a lot of great food, slept in a lot, watched a lot of TV on DVD, and generally unwound and recharged. Watched a 'fabulous' movie called 'Jesus Christ, Vampire Slayer' with my bellydancing friends and laughed until I cried.

New printer came in on Friday, and this time they did upgrade me. The new model is Quite Nice and I'm pretty happy.

A hundred billion orders have backed up, of course, and a bunch of print service orders just came in, and I've got to work this afternoon. I have a lunch date with a client to hand off an order of purses, which therefore has to be one of my top production priorities. I think I've sold out of Savage Orange and Elder Clean, with the order that just came through, I'm down to 1 remaining handbag and 4 remaining purses (plenty of wallets left, though!), and finally made a sale through Amazon. I have Wednesday off of the day job to do some much-needed catchup, and I will be working Saturday on EMG because, decadent me, I will be going to Anchorage on Dec 2-4 and will have Mon and Tuesday away from the office.

I did no art and no writing over the weekend, to speak of. I had tentative plans that I might nail out a few stories and bits, but did not end up doing so and feel no guilt for it. Needed that weekend in a bad way, and am feeling much refreshed and ready to tackle the impossible list of things to do this week! First, must pay artists for the recent adoptions. Then, purse and t-shirts to press, then print services orders - oldest to newest, then set up new artists and by that point I'll be packing up in a panic to go to my lunch.

Off I go!


It gets me right in the chest every time: $700!!!! for ink and some paper. And that wasn't a full replacement, either...

Four Onsies available!

Hey folks!

I have four onsies leftover from my trial order. I think I will probably stock them in the future, but not until January, in all likelihood. So, these are the only four available in time for Christmas!

I have one blank 6-month size, a 12-month size with Hatchling Unicorn, an 18-month with Dragon Sled, and an 18-month with Stubborn II. The blank one can be any design available on a white shirt.

(Very fancy sooper professional photograph of one of them magnet-ed to my fridge...)

They are $15 apiece, or all 4 for $50.

Comment, email or PM to claim, and I'll send payment info.