November 18th, 2007


Random bullets

~ StarGate Season 10 is MILES better than season 9. 200 made me laugh until I cried. I am an irredeemable geek to have gotten so many of the obscure references.

~ ArctiCon went much better than expected and was a lot of fun.

~ The Gateway laptop is WONDERFUL on several counts, can't wait until I get my real model with real OS. (Also, the 'Give Vista Another Chance' political campaign-mocking Mac commercial is hysterical...) Love how portable it is, the battery life, the screen, the tablet characteristics and the swivel screen (awesome for watching DVDs in bed!!).

~ The replacement laser printer has the same flaw/problem as the previous. I don't think it's a shell problem, but something in the transfer belt (with aside from toner cartridges is the only thing that hasn't been replaced...). Support is closed today, so I dunno what they're going to do to fix it, but bejeebuz, frustrating! I think I'll be able to do some cards, at least, as the error has at least migrated around a little...

~ Had a marvelous hot shower this morning, followed by a delicious (if greasy) breakfast that I didn't have to dishes from. This afternoon, I took a lovely snow romp with the dog before it started getting dark (about 3:00). Two episodes of StarGate watched on my lap in bed (one TV in the house, playing football!). V. nice day.

~ It's Sunday and I refuse to feel guilty for watching another episode of SG instead of filling orders. REFUSE.