November 15th, 2007


Done, done, done!!

My fingers are KILLING me, but I have gotten through all of the submissions. ALL of them! There is a whole lot of new work up at the giftshop:

Go forth, and spread the word!

And that is a very nice weight off of my shoulders. It's not even noon! Next up, orders! And some EMG-Zine admin stuff. And... um... a walk with the dog? And lunch and StarGate!

*rubs eyes*

Whew! I forgot what a hassle it was to re-order the artists list in the menu at EMG, but it is done, done, done! Horrah! No more 'missing' artists because the lists are too long.

Emails off to several announcement lists, EMG-Zine admin stuff taken care of, StarGate and lunch completed, and now some orders to fill!

This exciting post is brought to you by the letter Q and the number 700.