November 11th, 2007


Some PSAs

Effective immediately, print services are closed to new clients. I will still take jobs from existing clients (anyone who has ordered through the print services before), but the setting up of new artists is laborious and I've got to make some cuts. I will also honor all the (ack!) information requests I've got in my inbox right now. I have no idea how long I will keep it closed for new clients. Sorry!

I may or may not accept new artists and/or new submissions to the giftshop next year at all.

I am bowing out of NaNo - too late a start, too little time, and after staring at a blank file for a while last night and forcing about 50 words out, I had to ask myself seriously, why am I doing this?? Then I went and wrote angsty fanfiction and felt much better.

Selina - are you still having problems logging into the FP forums? I checked your account out and it looked fine!

Jen B. - look for a story in your inbox!

Down to 80 submissions left at EMG, 10 more went up today (and about that many rejected. :() Some 20 of them are oddball/series submissions that will be dealt with oddly, so there's a chance I will finish this week. I'm hoping. Giftshop sales are sharply down from last year (though print services seem to be picking up the slack), and I'm trying to decide if it's just a sign of the economy, or if people are waiting until all the options are out...

Inbox is about 250, high-res print service files are downloading (I'll get you that invoice as soon as they're finished, Kiriko!),

Lunchdate at 1, shower first, stretch now.

(no subject)

So, I'm sorting through a pile of paperwork I've had leaning over my desk for several weeks and I run across the application for a new business license. There are options on the form - 1 year or 2 year. I checked 2 year without even thinking (even if you don't save anything by buying more than a single year.). Even if I'm currently feeling like a flaky, talentless hack and a loser, I know that in some aspect, EMG will be around in 2 years. I expect, that in some unexpected way, EMG will be around in 20 years. It will change a lot - it has changed a lot - but it will still be EMG.