November 7th, 2007


I feel like I've had a stroke...

Half of my face is completely numb. Even my nose is numb. I talk and smile all lopsided. I drool. I slur my words. It's awful!

I had one more minor filling today, a half-hour ordeal instead of last week's one and one half-hour torture, but the numbness is much worse. It's been two hours since my appointment, and I still feel like I fell asleep on an icepack. (I've done that - the sensation is very similar.)

A full day of day job work scheduled for today, and tonight I'll fill orders until dinner and then watch Desperate Housewives, which we've just started watching and enjoy enormously.

Tomorrow is half EMG/half work, as is Friday. Mom and Dad fly in on Thurs night (leaving Sun) and Catie's around until Monday. Fortunately, I'll have a few days off of the day job next week.

My NaNo word count is at about 250. I'm not down yet!!