November 5th, 2007



Did a two-day show this weekend, and had a lot of fun. There were slow spots and high points and Jennie and I had good girl bonding time, which I've quite missed in our busy schedules. Cards did extremely well, the onsies/baby rompers were very well received and I shall start stocking them on the web when I next order shirts, I sold several purses and two wallets, the new format of bookmark seems to be doing just fine, and I haven't forgotten any of my show mojo. Just one more show for the season - very low pressure Arcticon.

My Nano count is still zero, but I did some backreading over last years work (which I intend to continue), and not only doesn't it suck, I am tremendously inspired to continue it. Very excited.

Today, however, I have bills to pay (ee, it's the 5th!), a car to unpack, dishes to wash, laundry to do, work at 1, the webpage to update, orders to fill, and some running around to do, as I am out of magnet stock and heavyweight paper. This week's LJ idol topic is a favorite childhood memory and I'm trying to decide on one... Frenchman's Lake is my first idea. But maybe something else...

Back to work!

Las Vegas?

I'm going to Las Vegas, baby! In March of next year!

Any don't-miss recommendations? I totally want to see a Circ de Sole (I butchered that, didn't I?) show, and I plan to take seven baths a day, learn to play poker, and sunbathe a lot. What else do you do in Vegas? (If you aren't interested in/available for a shotgun wedding and have a limited gambling budget, that is...)

EMG-Zine things

(Because it's not like we're all busy with NaNoWriMo or anything! I've got 151 words now!)

I want another column! Does one of you writer-monkeys like the idea of compiling ~1000 words on historically significant fantasy/sci-fi artists (Rackman, Waterhouse, Rossetti, Whelan, etc...)? And maybe writers - I'm not picky. But I'd really like a column on historical influences in the field. It pays $75 in credit for the year. I may waive the 3-columns-in-advance requirement if you can jump right in so we can start in January. I love my artists. :D

I also dredged up this old idea-log, for those you looking for some inspiration:

In addition, I'm going to give ALL columnists a free advertisement in the rotation every month that you get your work in on time (one month before publication). You deserve it. Just send me the banner and a link-to address. :) If you don't wish to use yours for yourself, you may donate it to someone else.

Other forum rearrangement just completed.