October 30th, 2007


I feel a whine...

I feel a whine coming on. Not a great whine, not a 'why is the Universe Against Me?' rant, just... a whine. One of those pathetic little snuffling whines that look really cute on pets and small children, but not on grown women.

My back hurts!! Enough that I took some pills last night, and I think that helped, but it's achey enough to make me feel rotten this morning. I decided to forego the heat press bits of orders today altogether, though I have quite a bit in that department piling up, and need to heat press a bunch of stuff for the show this weekend, too. Not only is the heat press a bit of a physical effort, but my shirts and totes are in storage, and getting into the connex box is a bit of a grunting/twisting/wrenching job that can throw my back out all by itself. It's not so bad in the summer, but the winter cold tends to warp the door a little. I'll wait until I can have Jake help me fetch what I need.

My tummy feels vaguely queasy, and I agreed to do a whole lot of things this week that are starting to feel a little overwhelming, but that really need to be done! It will all work out. Somehow. I hope.