October 25th, 2007


La la la!

Yesterday was pretty much a dead loss.

Okay, not quite, but it sure didn't go as planned.

I had an eye appointment at noon, which went VERY well. "Your retina isn't going to go anywhere," the doc told me. "We've got that sucker nailed, stapled and glue-gunned into place." No change in four years! WOOT! Ordered my replacement lenses - my myopia is so high that even the special order place has to do super special stuff to make 'em, so it'll still be a few weeks.

Alas, the reversal drops for the dilation didn't work, so I couldn't drive to work, and took a very bright, blurry walk with Norway from the doc's office to my sister's, where I still couldn't do anything until my knight in shining armor got out of a meeting and came to rescue me. We went home early - I called in 'sick' to work - and, instead of spending that time working, I cleaned the house, watched 300 with Jake, ate a tasty dinner and didn't boot up my computer at all.

Had to come into work early - both to get a ride to my car and to make up the time I didn't work yesterday.

And that's all the news that I've got!