October 22nd, 2007

happy bubble fairy

Good Sunday.

Sunday, I read part of Over Sea, Under Stone, which is the book for the tdir_readathon that I've been most looking forward to. I haven't read it since I was in gradeschool, for Battle of the Books. (Did anyone else do that?? Am I dating myself?)

I also wired in lights to the bedroom, and made a home improvement milestone by shocking myself on a live circuit when I went to wire in the switch. Woops. (In my favor, there was a justifiable reason for thinking that the circuit hadn't been wired into the fusebox...) Nothing critical, just like being stung by a bee - brief, intense pain, then tingling, and I was Very Awake. Better than caffeine.

And now, our bedroom has lights that come on with the merest flick of switch by the door. Very nice. Jake picked them out, and they are *gorgeous.*

I went for a walk with the dog, took a bunch of snow pictures, took a long hot shower, made love to my marvelous husband, took another hot shower, did a load of laundry, played some solitaire, watched some TV (the original Battlestar Galactica!), invented a delicious new dinner, and felt general happiness with technology and house improvements.

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Advertising Opportunity!

Alrighty, folks, EMG-Zine is testing paid advertising for the next several months. They will be random banners at the bottom of every page, 400 x 100 pixels. They will be available only to artists, artisans, writers, etc. of fantasy and science fiction - no insurance, no loans, no animations and no affiliate stuff. All ads must be approved.

For $5 (yes, just $5!), you can have your banner in the rotation for one month. You may apply EMG credit to this. (Log into the lilypad to apply your credit to the shopping cart.)

This is a great time to snag up a few more Christmas shoppers - these ads will begin November 1.

It is first come, first served - I won't put more than 40 banners in the rotation, so that you get a good chance of being seen.

Click here to purchase.

You do not need to be an EMG artist or have a contract on file to advertise with me. Please email me a 400 x 100 pixel banner after you've paid!

ETA: You may pay for more than one month in advance using the link above. You may switch banners by month, but not mid-month.


Someone asked me about submitting to EMG-Zine and wanted to know if they needed to 'resubmit' if it was already in the giftshop, but I can't find the comment now to answer directly, and I can't remember who it was. *hangs head*

The answer is yes, you'll need to submit it separately, using this form: http://www.emg-zine.com/submitart.php

I hope they see this!