October 13th, 2007


Free tassels!

I've switched my tassel selection recently, and am looking to unload about 150 tassels. They're perfectly serviceable, floss tassels, never used, mostly in bright red, but a few dozen light purple, maybe 10 maroon, and a few white, pink, and earthtones. Free to the first one who asks, US shipping only - or someone with an order on my desk (or forthcoming) that I can tuck it into.

Also, you guys are awesome, and I generally don't tell you that enough.
happy bubble fairy

Little pleasures...

Those of you getting the packages I am packaging today are getting a little slice of Ellen history. I doubt you would even recognize it, if I didn't point it out.

That cardboard protecting your book or print - that ordinary, brown, double-walled cardboard might look quite innocuous, with its fragments of 'Smart Water' and 'No Transportar de esta manera' and a big GE symbol... I cut that today out an enormous 5' box. A box that just yesterday held a shiny, white tank that is being plumbed into my sink and shower Right Now.

By the end of this weekend, barring one of those little emergencies or an electric shock or a trip to the hospital, I will have running hot water. In my shower.

Oh. My. God.