October 6th, 2007


Snow! and Code!

It's snowing! Apparently it's 28 degrees in town and raining, but up here it's actually snow! Glad I got my winter tires on. Bet everyone's forgotten how to drive!

Going to dinner and bellydancing with my sister tonight for her birthday.

Absolutely FIGHTING with code the last few days - trying to install a (yeah right) simple bit of code to make it easier to see product details and maybe even pictures, and am absolutely ready to scream... somehow I'm just not able to get the array information picked out correctly into the javascript bits.

And the group projects never got the code bits that allow color choices, so although you can now order the fuzzy ears, the color information I put in SO carefully is absolutely useless... (I have black, frosted blue and frosted purple in stock, FYI.)

AND, there was a bug in the forum code for deleting spammers that prevented their deletion, and it took some doing to figure out the problem and how to get around the stupid thing. Fixed now, I think, thanks to Tiziano doing the heavy lifting.

I'm ready for a nap and haven't even been up that long. *grumble kick something grumble*

Gotta get some orders out.

Also, the PO is so... random. It took more than a month to get some paperwork from Brazil sent first class, but media mail took TWELVE days to send my books. TWELVE days?! It took like 2 months to get the media rate Atlantis books. I would have sent them all media rate and saved $50 if I'd known it would only take 12 days.