September 18th, 2007


Sick Velcro

Totally stressed.

Velcro was sick all night. Collapse )

Very un-Velcro, and very unhappy, so after gnawing on my knuckles trying not to be a worry-wart cat mom, I called the vet, who said 'bring her in!' So, she's at the vet's now - they wanted me to leave her for a few hours to rehydrate and check her behavior, etc, and I called in late for work and I'm trying very hard not to worry because it's probably just something she ate and she'll be fine, but still, very stressed.

Doesn't help that my back is aching like crazy today, shoulders and neck, too. Picking cranberries? Wrapping soap? Can't decide, but something I did doesn't like me one bit. No appetite, but eating anyway so I don't have low blood sugar to add to my general stressed-out-ed-ness. Norway's a little puzzled that I took the cat away and didn't bring her back, and Jake was gone last night and will be this night to Nome, so his little dog world is all upside down.