September 1st, 2007


OOOOoooooo! PA Character cards!

And one more update I'm going to squeeze into the News at EMG-Zine (have you checked out the new issue yet??):

Character cards are now available through PA! When you adopt any portrait, you have the opportunity to purchase a handy, portable card with text of your choice on it:

Only $3!

If you've adopted anything in the past and would like a card with your portrait on it, just email me the info and I'll set it up for you. :)


Other than the character cards, my morning has been super gross.

The cat had some sort of digestive problem, and spent the night vomiting. Loudly. I got up 3 times to clean up her regurgitation and found offerings from both ends all over my studio this morning as well. So disgusting. *shudders*

And then, as I was doing laundry this morning (horrah, washer!), one of my socks was... squishy. Oh boy! Partially digested catfood! She also got into my wardrobe and managed to deposit in there, too!

So, I'll be doing all my dirty clothes today - carefully.

Horrah for a 3-day weekend! We've got grillables, and alcoholic lemonade. Looking forward to doing nothing intensively for a few days.