August 20th, 2007


Ellen needs lists...

To do this month:

~Finish Dragonfly and turtle cards (ASAP)
~Finish (3) TMAS commisions
~Get scanner working. (grrrr)
~Do some PA SDs

EMG Giftshop:
~Finish filling non-pre-order orders (ASAP)
~Finish packing and sending boxes for Dragon*con (ASAP!!)
~Announce closure of submissions - to list
~Update email to list

~Seed driveway slopes
~Finish (drain) plumbing in washer

Fantastic Portfolios:
~Start drumming up interest! Spread the word! Pretty it up!
~Set up update list.

~Get editor email password from Megan and get Jennifer set up in that facet.
~Heard from anthology printer! Files are in hand for a four-day (they're trying for less!) turnaround on the proof, figure a 3 day turnaround for express mail of said proof, and then 8 days for production. With shipping, it's just not going to make it to Dragon*Con. (Rargh and rage and stuff) But still, positive development!

Other stuff:
~Day job. 20 hours a week, plus webpage design commitments...
~Dog walking, dishwashing, catbox scooping and husband loving. Not necessarily in that order.