August 15th, 2007



Site's being buggy, as is email, as is ftp, which puts a crimp on what I was planning to do today!

I have, however, completely re-formated the anthology in prep for getting it uploaded to bookmobile. (Which I can't do currently because of ftp...)

And now, I go pack boxes to go to Dragon*Con! Horrah!

Keepin' mah head down

At the day job today. And again tomorrow, at least in the morning. And again on Friday. What is this... work or something? Oh, yeah...

Many, many orders to catch up on, too.

Oh, and to clarify, I'm not going to Dragon*Con! Wish I were, but those plane tickets from Alaska are killer. Tack on a $1k hotel bill, and it's just unreasonable to go every year. This year, Kelly Smith and Christina Lynn Myers will be manning the EMG table! I sent one box down today, more to follow. *sulks* They get to have all the fun...