August 12th, 2007


My feet hurt!

But the fair is over, and EMG is mostly packed back up in the connex, and I brought home less than I took, which is always nice. I'm down to three sweatshirts! Calendars came in in time, and I sold a handful of each, which is also nice. Coloring books naturally did NOT make it in time. Deleting reams of 'extend your member! (don't have one), 'get a degree!' (already have one), and 'we'll finance your loan!' (don't need one) spams.

Feeling more than a little shell-shocked today after All Those People for 9 days straight.


Okay, being unable to face cleaning up my studio (holy cats, it exploded while I was busy with the fair!!), I have been updating the webpage. In part because a LOT of people at the fair mentioned they'd be lurking at the page waiting for a few key designs and products to go online. Who am I to keep them waiting. Tomorrow, I'm taking the day OFF.

In the meantime, calendars are all up! Yay! Also, soap pre-orders and lipbalm orders are up! Plus, several awesome new images.

Wallets are not up, not even for pre-order, because they are back-ordered at the company I order them from and not due in to them until the end of the month. Add three week for shipping (if it's like last time!) Hmph. Oh well, gives me something to release a little further down the line nearer to Christmas. That's the ticket.

Lemme know if you find any errors with the new stuff... also poking at the general upload problems some folks are having with the submission end of things.

Coin purses

So! The heart-shaped coin purses from a few posts ago... definitely not carrying them permanently. The zippers were too questionable, they weren't a useful size or shape, they were stiff and hard to press. I have 14 of these left! If you would like to claim one, please comment below. (Comments screened) First come, first served - let me know what design you'd like, but be prepared to supply a second, third or even fourth choice... not all artists have allowed the new products, so I may not have permissions to make them for you! Also note that not all designs will work well on this shape. They will be $6, shipping included in any other order, or $6 for priority mail by themselves.

11 left!