July 18th, 2007



Today is wrangling printers.

Put in a damned complaint through paypal about my non-shipped coloring books. (update - they've replied with a 'we'll look into it,' finally.)

CALLING Avalon team to find out why I haven't heard anything in THREE weeks about the anthology. (Left a message on their machine)

And emailing with the calendar printers because they keep $#^%*&^ insisting that they can't ship ground via UPS to Alaska. And trying to make themselves sound reasonable because they gave me 20%. Look folks, I've been watching your site for THREE years, and you've had that 'ending soon' sale EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I don't think you're doing me a personal favor with it. They wanted to charge me $263! To ship 75 calendars!! (Screw that, shipping to a friend in the lower 48 to ship up to me for well under half the price... ground shipping to her is free.)

I'm off to make some coffee, 'cause it might be a long day...
sleepy, dreamstate


Ursula's calendar uploaded! Orders to fill, then third and final calendar.

But before that, I gotta scrub off the heatpress.

And before that, I think I might take a nap - was up 'til midnight thirty last night fixing forums.