July 10th, 2007


Back, but....

Working! Doing more drafting freelance, because da money is good and I've got mad skillz.

Desperately need to get back into my list habit, because I feel very fly-apart right now and disorganized.

To do this week:

~3 calendars - need files for all 3 of them, but want them finished by the end of the week.
~Postcards/business cards
~Ad for Trina
~Drafting tomorrow at 10 AM
~Finish laying out labels for soap (ships next week) and lipbalm (in stock!)
~Get more work up.
~Coloring book?? Lower priority, seeing as I can't get a response from the company about the one I've got in...
~Finish edits for Anthology and send Vinnie after printers about answering my emails.
~Artist pay - script is finished, now it's back in my court... need to compile EMG-Zine pay for first half, too...

Writing/Art projects:

~Writing trade for Crackle
~Color on Rose White
~Wedding pic (waiting for NTP)
~Egyptian Zombie Lion model sketches (no, really...)
~Get something in for FAS
~TMAS for M
~Write for EMG-Zine