June 28th, 2007


Stupid, stupid, STUPID


I was an IDIOT and accidentally pressed a shirt without a cover-sheet, so that there is hot gooey plastic all over the lid of the heat press now, utterly refusing to come off. No time to wait for it to cool, clean it and keep going... I guess I won't get all of these shirts finished that I wanted to. (Which is really okay - I have PLENTY in stock, I just wanted to use up some of these old 50-50s with misprints...)


BAH, I say.


When I get back:

~Artist pay
~S's adoptions (invoice and send)
~Scrape melted plastic off of heatpress before using...
~Piano delivery on July 5
~Nag Comixpress (getting increasingly unhappy with these folks.. I started this job in FEBRUARY)
~Nag Avalon (seriously, should you have to ride ALL of your printers to get service??) and finish edits

~Labels for soaps and lip balms - layout and finalize wording
~Finish (3) calendars, and upload to printers. (July is going to be Ex-Pensive...)