June 26th, 2007


Craptastic week...

... and it's only Tuesday!

Painted with oils a little this morning, until I got bored and frustrated and hated it.

Just... grouchy, I think. And money woes. Which are not really so woeful, but, well, quite bothersome. Not renewing Netflix (*cries*), not buying a permanent LJ account. Not taking spending money to highlands!

Got the proofs for the anthology, and it is going to look smashing... but the copies they sent were all out of order! Cover for part A, cover for part B, content of part B, cover for part C, content for part A... Guh! Color always looks a little off in CYMK, but it's not as grievous as the Atlantis book, I don't think, and the black and white bits are super crisp (which I was disappointed with for the A book.). Alignment and bleed were off, but they warned me it would be for the proof. Pages are a little... full. There is a LOT of information crammed in there, and it's a thick book, too. Definitely won't have copies in time for Highlands.

Gritch, whine, moan, blah... off to fill orders.