June 20th, 2007


#$%&^* computer (but good news, too...)

My laptop worked perfectly before I installed Service Pack 2. I mean, never crashed, never froze, always worked, love, love, love. Now? Firefox crashes every hour! What. The. Hell? *loathes Microsoft...*

In good news, I did go get another stick of RAM. 1 full gig, so now I'm running 1.5. Yay! Further yay? I expected to pay at least $200. I called for an estimate: $122 includes installation. Horrah! I got there, they said $105. Yet more yay! I go to the counter to pay... $89! Yayer yet! And, they accepted my 4 year old gift certificate (written by '2 Geeks,' which had since merged to become 'Geek City,' so I wasn't sure they would) and I only ended up paying $51. Yay to the max!

Now... reinstall Firefox? I'm running an old version anyway... might as well give it a shot.