May 30th, 2007



I just printed the semi-finals of the anthology. I may do some minor tweaking here and there where words look stupid because of the double-justify, and - gah! - I need to convert the color images in the tutorials to CYMK! - but for the most part... I'm there.

The art and fiction are already compiled, the text blobs just need my final red pen before they get the same treatment, the covers are done.

This thing is a monster. It is dense - absolutely cover-to-cover with information and nicely (imho) spaced with little filler art and examples. The center section is downright gorgeous. It's easy to read, it's entertaining and accessible. Finally, after months of grind and despair on this thing, I am feeling like I've actually made something worthwhile. Something worth the effort I've put in. I'm excited about it again. This is a tremendous thing I've we've done...

But now, lunch!

ETA: I managed to start with a chicken and an egg and end with 'Let There Be Light...' Not deliberate, but I definitely like it. :) :) :)