May 27th, 2007


Happy birthday to me!

Jake and I were going to build a sauna for each other this weekend instead of get birthday gifts, so we didn't get abovementioned gifts, and then when we went to buy parts for a sauna, we realized that it was going to cost 3 times as much as we'd planned, which was money we didn't have, so we didn't end up getting each other anything at all. [Except that I got a new fanny pack with awesome pockets because the zipper in my old one was broken and the hornets are so incredibly awful that I have to carry my bee sting kit everywhere I go.] My mom and sister called, but I'm not expecting any gift-type-things from them. I don't think anyone else remembered!

One of the few non-spam emails I got today was one of my PA artists freaking out on me because one of their pieces was offline and they seemed to think I had done this on purpose to keep them from selling it, and it was very frustrating and accusatory and made me snarl a little and I hope I was still polite when I wrote back explaining that putting a piece online was something they needed to do all by themselves.

The hornets have been so bad that we're killing 2-6 a day inside, and dozens out in our traps. It's rather frightful - they come down the chimney and enter the house all ashy, pissed off, and barely able to fly. They are the same color as the floor, and don't buzz, so they're hard to spot, and meaner than two monday's in a row. We've learned to watch for the cat or dog to go on point for them. Velcro seems to realize that they shouldn't be played with, fortunately. Norway hasn't figured that out, but he's a lot bigger and has a big thick coat protecting most of him.

Which all sounds like a relatively crappy birthday, but it's actually been remarkably relaxing and Jake and I have been extra sweet to each other because we didn't do presents, and I can sleep in for the next two days, too. Seriously, we've had a sense of humor about the sauna, and have spent a lot of time doing our favorite things together instead. I beat him at Axis and Allies, playing the Allies for the first time. The game took two days and he nearly took Australia twice.

No regrets about how it's panned out - sometimes the days with the longest laundry list of bad luck turn out the best.

Speaking of, I desperately need to do laundry...