May 10th, 2007


Life is a see-saw!

Had a meeting with a potential print/design client last night that went rather well. They may be hiring me to do their webpage, and possibly a book for them, which would be a lot of fun. (And hey, hired, not just wild speculation on my part!) Had a lot of fun chatting with them - he's a really fantastic artist and his wife is the business end of things, and we all clicked well. I may carry some of his work through EMG, though most of it's not fantasy, so it wouldn't fit.

Also had a wonderful steak dinner with baked potatoe and salad with Jake beforehand, and in general, it was just a nice day.

I found praise for me the other day, from someone I greatly admire, but it was written months and months ago and I just stumbled across it, and I'm not at all certain what to do with it. Do you acknowledge it and say thank you, pretend you never saw it, or...? Bah. Somedays, I feel like a social gimp. I get too bossy when I shouldn't, I'm too nice when I should be tough, I forget whether I'm 'leader' or 'sheep,' I look back at the things I've written and wonder 'did anyone take that the wrong way?' and feel endlessly stupid over carelessly (and even not carelessly) written things. I feel excluded for the stupidest reasons, too - even from things I was invited to, but chose not to join. There's my mental weaknesses for the day.

Ooh, and I had the very BEST idea for a new product that uses mostly stuff I already have. Have to see how that works out. :P

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ARGH! ARGH! I went away from my computer and for the first time in FOREVER, it crashed, and I lost all the work I did today on the anthology! ARGH! I suspect the cat, as she has discovered that the keyboard is warm when the computer is running and while it was cute the first time I found her sitting on it, I think I'd better nip that in the bud. ARGH!!!