April 30th, 2007


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I thought that was worth all-caps.

Soon, SOOOOOON, I will have fully functional plumbing.

We did fix the inlet leak, but have discovered we put the filter in a bad spot, so we will be doing some more work downstairs, but not to the tune of 'empty the tank now!' or '$%^*&^, we don't even know if this will work...'

I should write articles on how not to build things.

Lessee... today I need to:

~Finish up EMG-Zine for May - will need to write a review or two, looks like.
~Get 10 EMG giftstore pieces up
~10 pages of EMG-Zine anthology.
~2 print orders
~some emails

Good news, bad news...

Let's play good news, bad news!

Good news: Septic is thawed!

Bad news: Leach field is frozen, so septic is full! (Which I didn't find out until after I'd repaired the drain, so now I have to un-repair the drain...)

Good news: They can come pump our septic tomorrow!

Bad news: Doubles the price!

Good news: We can fix is so that it's cheaper/easier/possible to fix the leachfield so we don't have to have it pumped again!

Bad news: OMG $$$$$ plus lots of work.

Good news: EMG-Zine anthology worked on.

Bad news: Missing two key high-res files (nagged) and one high-res package for an article.

Good news: Some new EMG work up! Including pre-orders for the gothy coloring book!

Bad news: Not as much up as I wanted to get up! No orders worked on yet, because I gabbed with the thaw truck guy for hours and moped about my septic more...

Good news: EMG-zine nearly ready to go for tomorrow - I finished my news and my feature and the Industry news and a drawing and mucked with the menu a bit and did backend stuff.

Bad news: I still need to write a review, asap.

Good news: Um...

Bad news: Jake's got a cold and I think he's trying to give it to me; I keep sneezing randomly and my throat hurts.

Good news: Uh...

Bad news: The place I ordered my lamination wrote last week and asked if an extra $78 shipping charge was okay - 40% of the order price, I might add! And now they won't answer my emails, so I don't know if they're going to honor their free shipping, meet me partway, or just ignore me.

Good news: I got t-shirts!

Bad news: I am poor because of t-shirts!

Good news: I paid off the EMG credit card today...

Bad news: ... a day late, so I get late fees! Joy!

Good news: Er...

*grumps* Well, this game backfired.