April 26th, 2007


Water update

New sink faucet is in. New filter is welded in place before the pump. Want to flush the system a little before connecting the new faucet, but couldn't do so last night because the glue hadn't cured yet. And since tonight I'm going to the theater with Melody, it will be tomorrow before it's running again. Driveway's almost hard enough to get the steam truck down! Sooooooon I will have a toilet!!

Now, must work on map, eat snack, and tackle some EMG-Zine stuff.

50 emails!

I'm down to 50 emails!!

That's got to be a record, maybe for the year? At least since my Christmas break...

Edit: Down to 25! Horrah for procrastination on other things! And they get harder, the further I get!