April 25th, 2007


Yet more adventures in plumbing.

So, this morning I got up early and took the sink apart.

On the plus side, our watertank fix has so far worked perfectly. There isn't a hint of a drip, and everything appears to be running smoothly. On that side of things.

But! (There's always a but...) Our sink faucet decided to choke up and do nothing better than dribble out water after we hooked everything back up.

Our best guess is that we didn't get quite all of the plastic shavings swept and vacuumed up, and there is a clog in the faucet where I nearly broke it back when we first installed it. We took the lines apart going into the sink and ran water out a couple of other places in the line to verify that the flow was good and strong until it got to the faucet.

So, today, we buy a new faucet, and install it all over again. We debated trying to get just a new lever part and cribbing it together with the parts that do work, or even cutting off the inlet line and sweating a new fitting onto it, but a) we can't be positive where the clog is, b) it will take some major work to put all the disparate parts together and c) Dude, we want to be done with this already. $150 for a new faucet versus god knows how many hours of work...

In other news, I got most of the orders out yesterday and have a few to get out today, and then I need to tackle the EMG-Zine anthology.

Speaking of... we need content! If you've got a review, or a feature, or a tutorial, we need it for May! I'm going to try to whip out something on drawing hair, and I've got a physics of light article lined up for June (sun!) and plans for a tutorial on setting actions in Photoshop for the computer theme of July, but other than that, nada. And we've had no submissions for the art gallery for June yet - the theme is sun, the deadline is May 1! (You'd think I haven't been around to nag or something!)

Much love and gratitude, ~Ellen

EMG-Zine blathers/planning...

EMG-Zine-y things to do

Assign folks to report on conventions, readings, panels, etc.

Find out legalities of quoting/summarizing public appearances. - Assign someone to do an article on this and get two for one.

Ask Penmage about doing more reviews. Attempt to bribe her with something. Interrogate close friends for known weaknesses.

Write Pricing Merchandise article

Follow up with a few folks who've got articles out for review/edits.

Ask Jayde about possibly doing a hat article.

Send Annie roses. Send the whole staff of EMG-Zine roses.

Make sure folks know they can use their credit at any time. Set them up at the lilypad. (Review the submission order of events involving the lilypad. May have to give artists access to the lilypad before paperwork goes in - then they can put their login name on the paperwork? Gawd, totally don't want to have to reissue the paper contracts. It was tough enough getting folks to renew their online contracts. One artist I had to plant in front of the computer with a lilypad login page up on the screen. You know who you are! I'm a little sad about some of the ones who seem to have decided not to renew and hope that something awful hasn't happend.)

Site Stuff

Maybe merge lilypad and EMG-Zine backends??? More trouble than it's worth, probably. And it's good to have eggs in different baskets, so to speak. (Maybe, eventually, an auto-all login that will log you into your emg-zine/lilypad/PA site/EMG wishlist [coming], forums and all that is shiny...)

Set site up so that a comment link goes to the letter page from every article (is it already?)

Set up page that auto-synths the news submissions.

Set up automatic drawing page. I should be able to just specify a design and product, plus add extra text, html allowable (for polls!). (Look into that awesome rtf text input script at Fantastic Portfolios.*)

Set up application page for positions/volunteers.

Modify calendar program to be prettier and link to corresponding forum link for comments and reviews at the FP Salon.

Sun brainstorms:

Sundae - sun at the top of an ice cream sundae like a cherry

Something Torn Wold that involves long summers.

*What, you thought I'd forgotten about Fantastic Portfolios? Hardly... I'm just planning my attack... but the 1st comes, er, first.

To do tomorrow...

Finish packaging orders and mail.
Visit parents - clean their house.
Work on EMG-Zine stuff. (Maybe Torn World story, maybe pricing merchandise article.)
Meet Melody at 5:30 for Thai and Monkey King.
Borrow Jake's truck to pick up remaining rack part.
Unload rack parts from car.
Work on map - end is in sight!
Eat good lunch.
3 print orders (big, medium, ACEO)
Email 4th print order with new ETA (Saturday? Check date the order came in and see how much I need to rush it.)