April 19th, 2007



More work up at the EMG Giftshop... I've gotten through more than 100 submissions this week, and have just 100 left to get through. Oh, a little more than that, because I've got two discs of work from oddball artists to add, too. No, 100 designs have not gone up - I think only about 20 of those have gone online.

The anthology is my next stumbling block. I'm trying to figure out how to do page numbering - the program I'm using insists on alotting a footer for auto-page numbering, and I don't want to lose that whole footer on every page. Plus, the art pages are all laid out in photoshop, so I'll have to number those manually. In general, not liking page numbering. I wish I could get my pdf compiler to number the pages neatly in one corner, but no luck there, either. Pfff. Yesterday I finally got the permissions and high-res files for all but ONE story I was waiting on, so I'm going ahead without that one.

Map is almost done. Emails are at a dull roar. Only a little behind on contract. Lots of orders out yesterday, totally stymied on getting most of the rest out until my ink and transfers come in. (Sooooooon, I hope) So, working on some artwork - a logo, some animal art cards, PA portraits and who knows what else.

Have to do laundry tonight. Needed to do it on Monday, but got lazy.

Blah blah blah...