April 12th, 2007


Another late night ahead!

Have to work again tomorrow morning, so am sucking down cheap generic Coca Cola to get some orders out. Too far behind!! The most urgent one (350 specially cut invitations and matching bookmarks!) is out express mail as of this morning, following a 1 AM work party with the cat. And yes, I worked at DA today, but just half a day, which I have also agreed to do tomorrow. I ran them out of redlines by noon anyway.

But I've barely made a dent in the rest of the orders. Jake's in Anchorage, so I have this chance... my studio's next the bedroom, and the printers are NOISY, so pulling late nights is not usually an option. Not a polite option, anyway.

What's this? What's this? I've gotten through some submissions? Yes, I have! New work up at both Portrait Adoption and the giftstore! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com

Not as much progress as I'd like, of course, but it's something.

Having more color than just transparent apparently suits me. Sunday at the grocery store, I asked for the location of tortillas (having been hopelessly hooked on them in Mexico) and the guy who showed them to me said, out of the blue, 'You know, you're very pretty!' Several other people have mentioned that I look great and must have had a fantastic vacation. It's flattering, I tell you what. I still don't qualify as 'tan,' I don't think. Some of it may be the hair - the sun did more of what I lamented the bleach not doing, and I'm very happy with the honey blonde color it is now. The new hair cut is very silverscreen movie star, and I love it. I even (gasp) style it, can you believe it? *primps*

Enough of that girliness!

Back to orders!