February 27th, 2007



I think I'm through the gazillion emails I needed to send regarding the EMG-Zine anthology, and already folks are uploading their high-res files. Yay!

Lunch, more StarGate crack, some artwork, then into town to get my tire patched, go to gaming, and mail packages.

My life is just non-stop excitement! Emails! Wow! Flat tires! Plumbing drama! They'll be making a movie outta me in no time!

Public Service Annoucement for EMG artists

Hey guys - a lot of you artists are going to be mighty unhappy when all of your work disappears from the webpage on Thursday! If you have not logged into the lilypad since mid-January, and accepted the new contract, your contract will be invalidated, all of your work will go offline, and you will be sad!

(Okay, maybe you won't be... maybe this is your polite way of skating out without having to say 'Ellen, you pay crap and it's hard working for you,' but I'm sort of suspecting it's just that people haven't remembered to log in and are going to be in for a nasty surprise!)

If you are not receiving all-EMG-artist emails, please sign up for the list - on the lilypad. If you need the address to the lilypad, just ask! :)

Thursday it will all go away...

I tell you, it may be a lot simpler with fewer artists, but I will be very sad to see you go.

Customers, this may be your last chance at a whole lot of these designs!