February 4th, 2007


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After a lazy morning with my honey, we worked on water for a few hours. Our tank has inlet plumbing, horrah! What's more, our pump and pressure tank are set up, and... well, not quite connected. We were missing a few fittings. (Rargh) But we did get some more 'stuff' strung together - the fittings that will branch off to an eventual washer, and towards the bathroom/kitchen. Not a lot to show, but any progress is good and some big decisions were made that will direct our next work session. Jake wants to have running water before we go to Mexico. Just cold water, and our tank won't be filled yet, but you heard right: Running Water.

Blisteringly busy, but I'm not going to feel guilty about taking the day off of business to do plumbing, family/home stuff, and write silly fanfic. I needed an unwind, and I took it! It may be fluff, it's definitely self-indulgent. It's like chocolate, for me.

I'm half-dreading this week, though. I have so MUCH I want to get done. It'd be nice to get the anthology done, or at LEAST get the rough finished so I can do a call for the print files.

And email. Oh heavens, my inbox is the worst it's been in like a year. I am desperate for a secretary.

I've got a thick stack of orders to tackle, and I've got to place orders for tshirts and clearbags. And ink! Ugh! I think I'm low on paper, too. Didn't I just order all of these things?!

Wait, wait, it's my day off, I'm not thinking about these things, right? Shut up brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-tip.

Watched the 2nd Harry Potter movie. Fun, light and frivlous, but I'm reminded of why I never really clicked with him. I love the concept. I just... don't like Harry. He's snotty, deceitful, disobedient, Mary Sue to the hilt, and at the end of every book or story he gets a big party/lovefest in his honor and his schoolgroup Wins and everything works out perfectly because... well, mostly he's lucky, not particularly smart, kind or possessing of qualities I admire. Don't hate him, just can't like him all that much. Hermoine, I click with a bit, but for the most part, the whole HP universe is just frivolous cute, but doesn't really stick with me. Sorry, if you're a big fan. No grief to you.

Shoulders hurt. Considering bed. Long day, worked and played hard!

Code: 1, Ellen: 0

Argh! Code kicked my butt today, and I spent hours doing nothing. I got bits figure out and fixed, but the cropping script isn't thinking it's able to overwrite the file there - even though it should be perfectly capable of it. Not sure how to fix that, and very frustrated. Stupid code.

Cleaned my studio a bit and organized orders so that I'll be able to hit things efficiently tomorrow. Hopefully.