January 24th, 2007

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I need guinea pigs!

Current EMG artists! (You've got to have a contract on file, sorry! This does include Visions of Atlantis artists!)

I am ready to beta test the EMG submission system.

These will be REAL EMG submissions - if they're accepted, they go online. I only want ONE per person to start with, to make sure I don't explode any databases.

If you're interested, lemme know - I gotta set your user to submit and send you a link. :)

It should be pretty painless, and very much like submitting last time I did this - the difference is mostly in what happens to the images, not your end of things. You'll need a jpg/gif web image for the review process and a high resolution file. You can upload a 'dummy file' for the high-res file if you're on dial-up, etc, but I would like folks to test with real highres files if at all possible for them.

Thanks in advance!

Not an EMG artist yet? You can get a contract on file to start the process, I'm thinking this system will be ironed out by next week. :) See the guidelines: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/fantasyart/artists.php
stupid people

Being a perfectionist sucks...

Re-doing all the art and fiction pages for the anthology. Didn't like them enough.

Will probably use the same work, as it fits, but the fonts were all icky when I printed them fullsize. Not Good Enough. The article pages were so much cleaner and nicer, I couldn't live with the comparison.

The EMG submissions appear to mostly be working. I think I will want to do some changes to the review page before I go live. Could still use more submissions to test it out on, though. :)

I tell you, making tshirts for Ursula this time around is a WORLD easier. One design, slap it on whatever shirts I've got out. Package, mail. None of this rooting around through 7 boxes to find the exact right shirt, making sure it's the exact right design, with the exact right slogan, in the exact right size.... gah.

Also... I'm an idiot. I mean, no, I'm not, I'm supposedly quite bright, so there's really No Excuse for me. I'd been having fits with these transfers streaking - badly! - and having to babysit every single freaking print, and it didn't occurr to me, in like three years, to try different settings. DUH. So now, I can also print them en mass instead of one by one. Moron.

Off to perfectionize more...