January 17th, 2007


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Head spinning!

I've set up about 30 pages for EMG-Zine today. With the completed 39 pages of art and fiction, yeesh, I'd better start using a smaller font?? No, not really, this just might be a larger book than I first thought! I'm already cutting four of my articles out, and thinking about putting out my own volume of these leftover articles and all my previous Woodworks/Epitome stuff. I dunno who'd buy it, though, since it's all at my webpage...

I'm unreasonably pleased with it so far. :)

Tomorrow I go talk to some local kids about drawing - what you can do with it, how to practice and where it can take you, that kind of thing. I need to bring some tshirts, mousepads, bookmarks, keychains, etc.

And oh! I got the reprints of Rum and Ruffians (very nice looking!) and my keychains! They look *great*, though there was some trick to getting them not to squish in the making process. Picture behind Collapse )
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Art Archives: 2004

Ah, 2004. This is the year I went nuts. The dots kept me from going completely wacko. Towards the end of October, I finally got fed up trying to juggle my job and my Job, and gave them notice of leave. On December 12, I got on a plane for the carribean, never to return to that desk again. (Though currently I freelance for them. They were great people, I just was trying to do waaaay too much.)

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