January 1st, 2007

Twisty tree

Not resolutions, goals

Nah, not resolutions. Goals! I like the word 'goals'!

I dug back through my LJ trying to find the goals I set for 2006, to see if I made them, but apparently, I didn't make any. I went into 2006 in kind of a slump.

I've gone into 2007 in kind of a slackery way... I'm not sure I've answered an email in about a week. *heh* Bad Ellen. *slaps wrist*

Major goals:

Tidy up Torn World and turn it into something cohesive. Finish the script and site, and release it by June.

Finish and unleash Fantastic Portfolios

Get EMG Giftshop submissions up and running

Get the EMG printshop running at full steam

Finish 1 major or 2 minor pieces of artwork each month

Earn land taxes with art/writing

Keep up with emails and orders

Be healthier and take Norway for more walks

I think that's enough!
happy bubble fairy

Artist pay - finished.


Usually, as you may have noticed, artist pay takes me about 2 weeks of grueling effort. Maybe 3, if my notes aren't good.

I'm done. It's the 1st, and it took me about 4 hours from start to finish. All the tallying and organizing, and a stack of orders that dwarfed the first half of the year to deal with, and I'm all done and brushing off my hands and thinking pleased-ly 'that wasn't bad!' Some of it was because artist supplies and print services obviously have no fees to pay out, and that's a lot of my sales, and because I already tallied and paid off Ursula's shirts-thingy. But a lot of it was my new spiffy program, which worked... almost seamlessly. Looks like the 'pay me!' link that artists got wasn't functioning, but it told them what to do if it wasn't (email me), and some folks have done so. It's SO much easier and painless. I still have to send out some payments, but the tallying and emailing and calculating of balances? All done. DONE.

I'm taking the rest of the day off.